Intelligent Merchant Solar

Intelligent Merchant Solar (IMS) is how Climate Connect will address industry-wide expectations for the future of solar energy sales. This envisioned future will see a continually increasing proportion of Solar capacity traded directly onto shorter-horizon markets.

In the current status quo, income from energy sales often only represents a minority of total revenue (20-50% depending on the subsidy regime) for solar assets. However, as government support for new build solar assets diminishes or disappears, asset owners will become increasingly incentivised to maximise their revenue from energy sales. This is the emerging energy-scape where IMS can play a key role in maintaining margins for asset owners.

IMS aims to return that value to the asset owner, by improving on the information and trading systems currently available to them.

The IMS impact

  • - Returning to asset owners the imbalance risk value currently captured by off-takers in PPA’s
  • - Maximising the revenue from energy sales, by clever AI-enhanced response utilising price volatility on short-term markets
  • - Providing a unified generation and trading platform that is suited to both renewables, and collocated storage optimisation.