Energy Portfolio Management (EPM)

Climate Connect can offer a suite of end-to-end management tools for your renewable asset portfolio.

Power Procurement Optimiser

  • - Trend analysis of historical power supply & demand and generation
  • - Real-time monitoring of power demand and generation
  • - Parameters and conditions for power procurement and supply, including:
    • 24x7 supply
    • merit order
    • RPO compliance
    • and/or other obligations that Discoms may need to honour
  • - Highly customised graphical user interface
  • - Options for no, minimal, or active human intervention in decision making
  • - Cost savings through:
    • Reduced procurement deviation and DSM penalties
    • Engaging the most cost-effective power sources, plus sale of any surplus power on the platform offering highest return

Portfolio & Trade Optimiser

  • - Forecast instances of surplus or deficit
  • - Timely and financially efficient market positions in short-term markets
  • - Generation of additional revenue through sale of surplus power
  • - Cost savings through backing down of costly power
  • - Daily market analysis and price forecasting for power exchange
  • - Predictive maintenance for cost savings

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