Energy Storage System Optimisation

Climate Connect offers control optimisation for charging and discharging of Energy Storage Systems (ESS), at both dedicated sites and collocated with renewable generation.

ESS optimisation has more components involved in the system and overall flow, as compared to renewable generation, which must act together for seamless operations. Sub-components can range from an asset owner’s internal systems, to end-user applications in some use-cases (e.g. EV’s).

Control and analytics platform

An ESS may consist of multiple disparate ES arrays operating separately, with a central ML-enabled control and analytics platform executing many technical and trading functions.

These include:

  • - Maintaining accurate and detailed charge, discharge, and data logs
  • - Sending control signals (e.g. delayed charging, etc.)
  • - Sending health information back to the platform for appropriate response
  • - Keeping dashboards up to date.
  • - Marking specific ES for specific use, e.g. pre-booking, end-user application, etc
  • - Checking the ‘health’ of ES
  • - Sending alerts, billing info, reports, etc
  • - Storing and retrieving AI-model inputs and outputs.

Backend Dashboard

This dashboard serves as a continuous system monitoring tool for the customer’s backend operations team.

These include:

  • - Tracing logs and debugging of failure information.
  • - Gathering and tracking of various system statistics